Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why the name?

"alpha-beta-blogma" is not short or not even cool for a blog name. When I decided to create my blog, I thought of a few names, I myslef assumed that most of them would have been taken. The names were mostly something external to the usual band - for example - "7th sense", "Outside the spectrum", "Thoutosphere". I somehow wanted to convey that, when I write, I am not my usual self and that I operate in an abnormal state of mind. When I had not yet been slaved by the evil of laziness, I used to go to meditation classes where I learnt that the brain operated in different frequencies 'alpha', 'beta','delta' and 'theta'. I thought of using this theory for the blog's name.

As explained at this link:,
beta - is the state of mind when we do things consciously, like debugging a code, solving puzzles, arguing, etc
alpha - is the state of a calm mind, like when taking a short break, filling timesheet, taking a deep breath...
theta - is the next sate of calmness. This is when we do things unconscioulsy, like taking bath, whistling a known song, filling water in a jug......after 10 minutes, if I ask, 'which part did you apply soap first while taking bath', you wont know, because you just follow some routine which you never cared to be conscious about.
delta - dreamless sleep, heavy meditation, coma.

It is said that, in the 'theta' state, the brain can do marvellous things. That state is supposed to be the best for creative mental activity.

When I write, I generally am very much absorbed into the writing. Most often, after writing a few lines, I suddenly feel as if I was just pulled out of the matrix by Morphius. I seemed to go into the low alpha state or may be the margin of theta state.

Ideally the name should have been 'alpha-beta-blogta'....that sounded like German. Blogma rhymed with gamma and hence went for alpha-beta-blogma.
Oh....Thanks Morphius.


Anonymous said...

After Hughes, this wave theory is new to me. Thanks for that. Even since my acquaintance with meditation, I have been using 3 levels of mind (conscious, sub, super) theory which conveys the same.

you are a theta, i agree. you think in detail!

~ said...

You are the one haan... I never thought much about my blog name. It always from the song of 12B "ஆனந்தம் நிலைக்கும் இந்த ஆனந்தம்".

Even though I wasn't that happy in life after choosing the title. I did think about am I doing justice by keeping this name.

I have been asked by someone to donate this name but I said no to them & still sticking with it unfaithfully!!!