Sunday, March 28, 2010

My recent obsession - March 2010

I have already written a post under this title in 2009. So, this one is titled "march 2010".

1. "Vinnaithandi Varuvaya" album - Everyone said the songs were good. I had been visiting "Music World" almost every night that I came from office by 9. Those guys never had it in stock (Dude..why dont you reserve a copy for me!!). Finally, I got it from a different shop on a weekend. On the first hearing, I was disappointed - especially with the lyrics. But addicted to the album. As Veeru put it, first 'Aromale' sounded the best, then "Kannukkul" "Mannippaya"..Rahman is a genius. All movies for which he composes should be translated in English just to compete at Oscars.

2. Shopping - I have been on a shopping spree ever since I landed in Coimbatore. Had to buy new clothes, shoes..lot of books and DVDs. Using my credit card to the fullest extent..

3. IPL 2010. I thought I would never have any interest in Cricket again. Per Seshu and Srikk's advice, I retired from cricket :) - even from watching it. But we have a fun game at office, where we predict the winner of a match and get points. Just for the sake of it, I have been following the scores....not to the extent of knowing who hit how many sixers, like I used to before.

4. Weekend jobs. Wondering what this is? We have been having some problems with our application jobs that run during the weekend. Since it is a new team, I am having to get involved every week...(once I was in the movie hall attending a conference call!!).

5. Commitment worries - My mom is in the look out for brides. After all these years, I still am worried about getting committed.

6. The Spiritual self - a perennial obesession this is. A recent visit to Isha yoga ashram to visit Suren and Anitha has rekindled my spiritual exploration. (Not to be confused with visting temples, reciting mantras, fasting and worshipping an idol). This is more on the lines of being in harmony with nature.

7. Bikes - I have never been the macho kind that knows about every bike in market..what's the CC and what's the mileage. I have been wanting to buy one and have been reading some reviews and noticing every bike that passes by. Have shortlisted Honda Shine, Passion Pro and Discover. Mostly, will go for Pro..just for the looks.

8. The mountain view from office campus - I am yet to find the name of this mountain. It is on the edge of the horizon as seen from office. There is so much mist in the locality that, the mountain is not always visible. On some days it is visible and some days it is not. Infact for the first 2 or 3 days, I didnot even know that it existed. One morning I was surprised to see that there was a mountain right in front of the canteen(at some distance ofcourse) was like how suddenly a mountain pops up in fantasy movies. From then on, I make it a point to see if the mountain is visible that day or not.

9. Food outlets - I have been experimenting the 'Economy' category food joints around Gandhipuram(CBE). They are all good - except for one. My picks are Anadha's and Arya.

10. IPod - Recently I asked my friend Ananth to delete everything from my ipod and load with the ones in his. It has a good collection now including some books. I liked one chapter in "The natural mind". Rest of the book was boring. Yet to listen to the other books. Great thing about Ananth's collection was that it had "Rock On" and "Delhi-6". After Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, all time favorites are "Rehna Tu" and "Yeh Tumahari Meri Bathein"....and "Wicked Games" (purchased from Apple Store - courtesy Siva).

11. There's a 11th one too. I used not to give a single rupee to healthy beggars under the pretext not to encourage lazy men/women. I realized lately that I myself havent contributed a minute for world peace or quantum physics inspite of having no trouble with education or opportunity. So, I am always on the look out for beggars - especially after dinner (ha...ha..roll drums)!


Siva said...

go for Honda Shine looks much better than Passion. And yes Aaromale is the best song. Sila gnana sooniyangal andha paata oppaarinu solraanunga.

bhupesh said...

Aaromale is easily among Rahman's best in recent times.

Seshadri T A said...

very nice HM!

movi hall - con. call --> Funny
Retired from cricket? --> The advise for was Jai more than you HM. You were just injured. Jai has no cricket left in him ;-)

VTV - Aromale is excellent except for the last few shouts. I am crazy abt Omana penne and the malayalam bit (i meant the musical scoop) that comes in the middle. Lyrics aren't disappointing. Agreed! :-)

Spirituality --> Use a better term HM. The term "Spirit" itself is mythical, in God's sense I mean. :-)

Reg. Beggars --> funny

Weekend Jobs --> On seeing this I thought you are doing some part-time :-)

Anonymous said...

VTV songs are good but still not the best of Rahman. Aaromale is my fav.

@Shopping spree, new office halla bulla's, WE jobs, Bike - Getting on board of Coimbatore life seems.

How are Suren & Anitha?

You don't want to be a macho man with 150cc bikes? B'coz I have been looking for one myself. If you have a reason for lower cc bikes let me also know.

Mountain view from office - reminds me of initial days in Patni, Mumbai :(

Aha.. food joins. I'm still in the lookout for here in Mangalore.

Will you be my host if at all I plan to visit Coimbatore?

soundarya said...

3 - IPL..thinking what else to make it more interesting :) good to know you atleast keep track od scores ;)

5 - All the best sir :D

8 - you should see the sun set at 6 pm ..awesome view in the mountain :)