Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Writer's block

Much traffic has flown through the lanes of 100 feet road since I last posted. Week after week I have been thinking about putting something up, at least to keep it going, but, too much reading of the newspaper has created a state of mind where choosing a topic to write about, has become a very boring task. Clearly, "Ignorance is bliss". At last I decided to write one even if it turned out to be less attractive.

When I quit the job, I did so with an apprehension - that I might end up becoming even more lazier and that I might end up accomplishing nothing much. However, having another friend to prepare with for the exams meant I had someone to keep nudging me. And that meant, a lot of reading - on a wide range of topics - from Indian monsoon to Western political thought; from rare earth minerals to comets; from SAARC to World Bank.

Apparently, the earth gives rise to more news than babies - what with all the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and co.; the twin disasters in Japan; the hegimony by the US of America; the drama by beloved Anna Hazare and his civil society friends; the rather meek killing of Osama; the court trial of the joker Headley; Tamilnadu and WB elections; and ofcourse the world famous 2G. There wasn't a day when CNN-IBN did not have a sensational news or an exclusive interview.

That reminds me of an important discovery to share. One is better-off listening to the 15 minute DD news (the one for the hearing impaired will do) than listening to the 'expert' opinions on NDTV or CNN-IBN. For best results, sell the TV.

It has been fun to spend a lot of time in wikipedia and Govt of India websites. It has been even more fun to explain to family and friends about what I have been reading with more than adequate usage of jargons like carbon credit, inclusive growth, wholesale price index, etc.

The good thing is that I get to wake up every morning knowing that there is no onsite call to attend or any audit to prepare for or any training to help the team with. Perhaps, the best feeling is that I don't have to rate my own team as good or mediocre performers.


Prem Anandh P said...

Good to know abt your non-IT life or post-IT life. All those news must be tough to keep up in the mind. How are u managing? any memory plus secrets ;)

The last line was wonderful.. Wish I have those days... Worst part is your own team is also your roommates :(

Kit said...

glad to see bhu, the writer, again