Saturday, July 21, 2012

An evolving memoir

"There is a disadvantage with being punctual, especially, when you are an exception in a group that loathes timeliness. Thankfully, our meeting point this time was a bookshop. I could remain engrossed in the infinite number of pages, until my friends showed up. I picked a book titled "The proximity of love". I gave it a quick glance and kept it back. I wondered how many bad books had good titles. I heard a voice from behind that said - "Have you ever wondered that there might be good books, that unfortunately, had bad titles? They go unnoticed".

I stopped reading at this point. I kept the notebook with me and gave a new one to Reva.

"Nice beginning Rev, why don't you write something about Dora?"

"Dora and Boots?"

"Yeah...Dora, Boots, Isa, Swiper..."

Reva went back into her room dancing all the way. Obvioulsy, she was elated at having written her first story. But...I sat there shocked. It didn't take me long to grow restless. I texted Navi to return from gym as soon as possible.

When Navi returned, Reva had already slept. I showed the story to Navi. He read a few lines and said, "Hey, this is our story. Are you into story-writing now? Isn't this Rev's hand-writing?"

"I am not writing any story...this was written by Rev herself."


He seemed proud and said, "But, you seem to be very unhappy about it?"

"Well, I am surprised that you aren't surprised. I was shocked when I read it."

"...because, our 5 year old has got an IQ that is beyond her age?"

"No! I know...I mean, we sort of expected that...but how did she know about our first meeting?"

"I thought, you might have told her."

"Are you kidding?"

He took the notebook and read a few more lines again. "Are you sure this is our story? It kind of sounds like anyone's story."

"And you think it is cool that a 5 year old writes on a subject like this?"

"Come on Nance...don't freak out."

"She has even used the exact same name for the book. It is as if she has written it directly from my memory."

He went through the two pages fully.

"Nance, did you notice this...the story is as if it is completely from your point of view. I mean, there is nothing about my side of life. There is no part in the story where I appear alone. It is either you or both of us together."

He looked serious for the first time. I grabbed the notebook and quickly went through it for the Nth time.

"Ok, so, you didn't tell her the story. Is it possible that she might have read it somewhere? May be you have written it down somewhere?"



"What do you think it means?"

"Could it mean that clones inherit memory as well? I know, I am not talking like a scientist,...but, probably she has inherited your memory."

"How is that possible?"

"You know...there are known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns!!"


"Why don't we call Rom?"


We were at Dr.Rom's lab next morning. We waited for his reaction as he read the story.

"hmm...I am happy that she is turning out to be brilliant, as expected. But, I am as surprised as you are.", he said.

"Navi thinks she might have probably inherited my memory."

Rom smiled and said, "Well...he tried to sell that idea to me as well and I honestly like that theory. But, I am not able to think of a phenomenon to explain that."

There was a brief moment of silence.

"What do we do now Rom?"

"I think, there is nothing to be scared of. We expected such developments, well before we got started. Didn't we?"

"I am afraid that this could get dangerous."

"Not as long as we are watchful and continue to keep this as a secret. Don't get worked up. Let us wait for sometime before we decide anything."

"And then..."

"...if you really want me to tell you what I think..." he hesitated a moment and continued "...we may have to terminate the project."

"You mean.."


As we were about to leave, Rom said, "Guys, cool down and keep quiet."


On our way back to home, my thoughts shuttled between the emotions of a mother and the resolve of a scientist. I hoped that there won't be any more surprises.

When we reached home, Reva ran to me and showed her next story. The beginning lines were:

"We were at Dr.Rom's lab next morning."

I showed it to Navi and said, "I think it is more than just memory inheritance".



bala said...

Good thought:) Had a feeling of watching a short film, on the lines of science fiction movies-X men, Species etc..!

soundarya said...

good narration and an interesting plot :)

Unknown said...

I will ensure I read your blog next time in the day time. At nights, your soft creepy stories are "real" eye openers!

Anonymous said...

I'm utterly confused.
Doubt #1 -Those first para in italics, is it written by you as author or is it part of the writting of Reva?

Doubt #2 - This story is written by you or is it from the book that was mentioned in the first para?

Doubt #3 - Is this a good story bad title or a bad story good title? :P

Doubt #4 - Is it a short story or has any continution?

For now I'm :-|

Rajaram said...

Nice little short.. and interesting choice of names too. :)

bhupesh said...

@Bala, Sounds: Thank you.
@Subi: Is that a compliment? Thanks either way :)
@Prem: I have replied through email.
@Raja: Thank you. I named the characters that way so that the readers can have their own idea of when and where the story is happening.

Sherin said...

I agree it has the authentic feel of reading a sci fi thriller :).. Nice to read your experiments with writing on varied topics and genres.

Kit said...

I thought you would conclude by dismantling Reva.

bhupesh said...

Thanks Vero.
@Keer: It would have been interesting if Reva dismantled Nance and Navi.