Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 top 10

Ha....I never thought I would write a second I am!!! Cool.

It helps that we are nearing the end of 2008. I get to write a topic that is neither too serious nor stupid. Here are 10 best things that I did or happened to me in 2008. They are just 10 best things and the order has no significance.

1. Visit to Niagara. This was my second time.
2. Trip to Nordic mountains. The trip gave me new friends.
3. The long chat (may be the longest in my life) with one of my recent good friends. Later, I proposed to her - "Will you be my sister"? :)
4. Las Vegas trip. I am still Gandhi....hope u know what I mean.
5. Dared to take additional responsibility at work. It has been tough, but I guess what is important is the exposure. Would you please read the last word within double quotes?
6. Won Dumb C and set up a decent crossy....2 things I have carried into Cognizant from college.
7. Wrote testimonials in orkut to many friends and gave feed back about co-workers, to their supervisors. It helped to express my love and appreciation, because, in real-time, I pathetically fail when it comes to expressing my feelings
8. The unexpected testimonial, that I got from my college junior Pradeep
9. Celebrated my birthday with my long time friends (Cognizant batchmates) at Indianapolis
9(b) As usual, Anu's call on my birthday.
10. Ended my long runnig battle with my father about buying a house. I sent him all the money I had and said, I dont have money to buy a house :)
11. The decision to stop with top '10'.

I am able to recollect only one useful thing I have done this year - donated money for the Bihar there goes another year without making any contribution for the betterment of the community.

I will end this post with one worst thing that happened with me in 2008. I had repeated hostile conversations with a friend whom I cared very much for. The atmosphere is not the same anymore. Though we didnt explicitly state it, I think, we agreed to stay a little away from each other.


Unknown said...

Ok, you have prompted me to write about my 2008!!

Best thing, may be, is that you have come back to your blog spot (but did not mention)

Let 2009 be a great year for you to write much more, in separate blog posts!


bhupesh said...

Thanks Vinayak. Tell me when you release your 2008 list....that will be inspiring, I believe.

Anonymous said...

>>gave feed back about co-workers, to their supervisors

you have always been good in adjudging people around you.
now you have started feeding back to them, that's a good sign of improvement. impressed!

Kit said...

Will you be my sister? ha..ha.. ha..ha.. That's U! ha..ha.. I am not surprised!

Seshadri T A said...

nice recap Bhupeshji!
The 11th best thing that has happened to you would be "Me". ha ha ha! just kidding.